Organizing Your Financial Life in the Global Economy

Our portfolios are designed to deliver superior long-term results

Our portfolios are designed to deliver superior long-term results.

Our purpose is to maximize your after-tax, after-fee return that is specific to your risk tolerance and goals.

All of us are different. We don’t all drive the same cars, wear the same brands of clothes, or like the same kinds of food. Maybe you’re an adventurous risk-taker. Perhaps you prefer your money to be carefully tended like a prize-winning rose garden.

The global economy today can be a daunting place, even for experienced investors. Volatile markets, national debt, productivity, unemployment, and poor choices dramatically impact one’s purchasing power. Many feel betrayed, some with good reason. We want to change that.

We believe establishing and maintaining trust is absolutely vital to a long-term, healthy relationship with our clients. We want you prepared for reasonable economic scenarios, knowing each investment serves a specific purpose for you.

How we put goal-based Investing to Work for You

Goal-based investing helps you see the reality of your current financial situation

We help you to identify and prioritize your goals. Each goal has an investment objective. During reviews we will show you how you are tracking to your goal. That way you see the reality of your current financial situation.

Your portfolio is designed to diversify risk by using global stock and bond funds. Low-expense index funds, tax-efficient screens and periodic rebalancing enhance your overall return. Academic research shows this approach to have the best long-term results. We do not chase performance or the latest trend, which have been the ruin of many.

“He who gathers money little by little makes it grow.”

— Proverb